Friday, February 1, 2008

Valentine's Day Gift ideas from the Washington Post Express

Did you read the Style section of the Washington Post Express this morning on your way to work?

Did you:

a) Almost Miss your metro stop because you were focus on reading the tips and ideas of what to get this Valentine's day? Not to mention the guy who was reading over your shoulder....

b) Cry? (You are so not looking forward to Valentine's day because you don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend with whom to celebrate). Ok... you still have 13 days to find the love of your life... May be it's time to sign up for! or attend the Cake Bar's You Are Loved Valentine's Event at K street Lounge on Feb 8th.

c) Laugh?(You are waiting for a diamond ring this Valentine's day..... forget about French lingerie from "koo de fudr")

d) Say? (WHAT!'s already Valentine's Day!)

e) Tear the article and save it in your archive folder. You will retrieve it later when you are ready to do some serious Valentine's Day shopping (usually a day before V-day).

Well, if you missed the Washington Post Express Style Section this morning, here are the items that were featured from Coup de Foudre Lingerie

1) Chantelle Couture Lingerie Set (32A to 38F) in Black featured on the model (cover page)

2) Jonquil Melody chemise in light gold (picture #2)

3) Belabumbum Mai Tai Camisole and Panty (picture #3)

4) Jonquil Chantilly chemise Red Satin (picture #4)

5) Simone Perele Paradis Collection in Aqua (32A to 38DD) (picture #5)

6) Chantelle Chantilly Glamour Collection in Fushia (32A to 38F) (picture #11)

Happy Valentine's day from Coup de Foudre Lingerie

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