Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friends don't let friends wear the wrong bra size

Or maybe they do? 

I'm a professional bra-fitter, so I see many ladies of all shapes and sizes. Most of these women come to me for a fitting because they are experiencing discomfort or are unhappy with their silhouette, sometimes both.  After having a fitting, many of these women are surprised at how misinformed they have been and leave very happy, vowing to tell their friends that they need to have a fitting, as well. "This has been life changing. I need to tell my co-workers."or"I'm bringing my girlfriend here this weekend, she definitely needs this!", exclaims Happy Customer. 
But guess what? That's not exactly what happens. 

The customers do end up bringing their friends, family, and co-workers back into the store, but not for a fitting. Well, not directly. Unsuspecting friends and family are apparently asked by past customers to visit our store under the auspices of picking up a gift, or perhaps another matching bottom, etc.. and surprise! Once they are in the store, these unsuspecting ladies are encouraged to get a fitting, or make an appointment for a fitting. For instance,  Happy Customer says, "Well, while we're here, why don't you get a new bra, too?" I see the look of unease cross over friend's face. And sometimes I hear in response, "But I'm wearing the right bra size", or "I'm comfortable in my bra, I don't need this", "or "I don't feel like getting undressed right now." And well-intentioned friends says, "Well, lets just make an appointment for you to come back at a better time." 

By now, one of our staff usually steps in and explains how a fitting works, the respect for modesty, the low key, no pressure approach with some education on fitting thrown in for future reference. Our service is complimentary and purchasing is always optional. Usually, these ladies end up getting a fitting and are thrilled they did, but it still leaves me wondering how many women never end up suggesting a bra fitting to a friend in need. Or is it even the right thing to do?  Should we be suggesting to friends and family that they need a literal lift? And if so, what's the gentlest way to go about it?  How would you react if someone invited you to visit a lingerie store and once there, the attention is turned on you?