Friday, April 22, 2011

Sexy coffee cup sleeve for Earth Day!

When I first opened Coup de Foudre Lingerie, seven years ago, a friend of mine, Amy A, gave me the most original and thoughtful gift- a pink & black corset purse! It was perfect...and so in line with my new business venture.

However, I would not dare to wear the corset purse because I thought I would get a few stare. We currentlyuse it as a unique accent in the store. Have you seen it? It's hard not to notice it. Many customers have commented on it over the years.

Recently, I came accross some Coffee Corset sleeve...they are cute...and sexy- and if you know me-I am really into my coffee. So, why not dress up my coffee cup for fun ? It's also a fantastic alternative to the wasteful cardboard sleeves typically used with disposable coffee cups to insulate your hands from your hot drink.
It really gives my skinny latte a stylish and sexy touch! The sleeve is a "one size fits most" like the Hanky Panky Low Rider thong or the Cosabella Never Say Never thong!

Now, I need to figure out which one my coffee cup sleeves I should wear!