Monday, April 28, 2008

Bra Life Expectancy? Bra life span?

What is your bra life expectancy? While there is no magic formula to calculate your bra life span, it depends on the following factors:

1) How many bras you own 2) How often you rotate your bras 3) How you care for your bras 4) What is the Quality & Craftmenship of your bra

1)How many bras do you own? If you wear the same bra everyday it would quickly lose its elasticity. know you are guilty of that one...! The life expectancy for that bra would obviously be shorther and would need to be replaced more often.

Fact: On average, women own about 6-10 bras. (see our bra statistic survey)

2) How often do you rotate your bras?

We all have that favorite bra that keeps finding it's way to the top of the drawer so it gets worn more than the rest. It will wear out faster than expected.

Fact:You should rotate your bra every 2 days.

3) How do you care for your bras?

Washing and wearing, stretches the fabric and causes it to relax resulting in less support. As your bra ages, the elasticity will relax. You can wash your bra in the washing machine (unless you really have the time to do it by hand- who does?). Make sure it is hooked together to prevent tangling and use a lingerie wash bag to keep your underwear separate. Wash on delicate cycle in cool water. And dryer (especially for T Shirt Bras).

Fact: Heat breaks down the spandex.

4) What is the quality of material & craftmenship of your bra?

The quality of the material and craftmenship plays an important part in the life expectancy of your bra. Some of our vendors such as Chantelle or Prima Donna do extensive testing. For example, each new fabric used by the brand is examined and tested in Chantelle’s quality control laboratory for its reaction to washing, wearing, yellowing, and color fastness. Only when the quality of the material has been approved can the fabric be used for manufacturing.

Signs it is time to buy some new bras: Discoloration, loss of elasticity or shape, torn fabric or the 3rd hook (the tighest) does not feel tight anymore.

Wouldn't be easier if you had a microship or RFID embedded in your bra to tell you you need a new one? It would then beep (like when your cell phone is about to die) when you are due for a bra tune up! Ok may be not such a good idea....

In the meantime, here's the life expectancy of some common household items by Smart Money.


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Prima Donna Lingerie

We are very happy to introduce Prima Donna Lingerie at our Washington, DC store. Founded in 1865, Prima Donna specialize in luxury lingerie for fuller busted women (D to H cup) that fits perfectly and has an iresistible look. The high quality of Prima Donna bra did not come by chance. It is the result of a perfect cut, an extremely attentive choice of fabrics and the strictest quality testing. Did you know that a Prima Donna bra is made from some 50 different elements, each of which is sewn together by hand?
The fit and quality is unbelievable! If you are between a 32-40 D - G cup, come on in for a bra fitting and discover the various Prima Donna collections that we carry: Menton, Deauville, Satin, Manhattan! You will be very happy with the result and the way you look.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eco Friendly Sleepwear?

Belabumbum just launched a new eco friendly sleepwear and underwear collection. It is crafted from bamboo, an eco-friendly fabric.

DID YOU KNOW THAT bamboo fabric is a natural, soft textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass? Highly absorbent, hypoallergenic, fast drying and breathable, it is an ideal wicking fabric for next-to-skin use. Bamboo grows very rapidly and replenishes itself each year. Additionally, the plant can be harvested without ecologically damaging chemicals, and chemicals are not needed to turn the plant into fiber.

Bamboo fabric is soft to the touch and very comfortable. A perfect eco friendly collection for the environmentally-conscious female shopper!

Who would have though that going green underneath could be confortable, beautiful and sexy?

So isn't it time to get yourself a pair of sustainable underwear?

P.S: The bamboo collection is available for a limited time only at Coup de Foudre Lingerie.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

French Women & Lingerie

You know how the story goes. French women don't get fat. French women are more sexy......blah blah...

So how do they do it? Keep reading for how French women view lingerie as part of their seduction tool kit.

French Women views on lingerie:

  1. Lacy lingerie is an everyday must, not something saved for a romantic rendezvous

  2. If your pretty bra strap shows and match your outfit "du jour"..."All the power to you!"

  3. If your bra shows a little bit through your blouse...."that might get his attention".

  4. French women buy matching panty with their bra...."Mais bien sur" and also tend to buy two panties per bra..."in case you lose one" or just because "panties wear out much faster than bras".

  5. French women try to match their lingerie to what they wear.

  6. Lingerie enjoys a lofty place in the French woman's wardrobe. So much that Galeries Lafayette, a big Parisian department store has devoted 28,000-square-foot to just lingerie....

So, how about you? What are you thoughts?