Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Buy Lingerie

1. A Bra Makeover – Your bras don’t fit like they should. We’ll change the way your bras fit and the way you look with a 20-minute bra makeover!
2. A Big Date – You don’t want him to catch you wearing those old granny panties! Feeling sexy and irresistible will bolster your confidence and leave him wanting another date.
3. Wedding – You need the perfect foundation underneath your wedding dress. A beautiful wedding dress requires beautiful lingerie.
4. Honeymoon – A different lingerie set for every day of your honeymoon will surprise and amaze your new husband! The best way to get your honeymoon lingerie collection is to organize a lingerie bridal shower.
5. Wedding Anniversary – Surprise your husband with some cotton, silk or lacy lingerie set on your (2nd Year), Silk (12th Year), or Lace (13th Year) wedding anniversary!
6. Falling in Love – Beautiful lingerie will make your romantic evening with that special someone even more special.
7. Having an Affair – Shhh…. Our lips are sealed. We promise.
8. Newly Single – Your re-entry into the single life will be much easier with new lingerie. Feeling and looking beautiful in new lingerie will lift your look and spirits!
9. Pregnancy – Pregnancy brought HUGE changes and uncertainty in your bra size! Time for a bra fitting and new bras!
10. New Cleavage – Your investment in new cleavage requires a similar investment in new bras. Not only do your old bras not fit, but new beautiful bras will maximize your return on investment.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Chantelle Bra Fitting Event at Coup de Foudre Lingerie

Join us and a Chantelle Bra Fit expert for a special bra fitting event to benefit Dress for Success. Get 10% off Chantelle Collections (Africa, Graphie, Senso, Body Sculpt, Chantilly, Africa Wild & Couture )during this event.

For every bra purchased from November 1-November 30th, 2007, Chantelle will donate 2% of retail sales to Dress for Success, with a minimum donation of $100,000. In addition, during these promotion periods, one bra for every 100 sold with be donated to Dress for Success, with a minimum of 5,000 bra donated.

When: Thursday & Friday November 9th, 11:00AM - 7:00PM; Saturday, November 10th, Noon-6:00PM

Where: Coup de Foudre Lingerie 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (Corner of 11th and E Street).

Call now (202) 393 -0878 to schedule your bra fitting appointment