Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Buy Lingerie

1. A Bra Makeover – Your bras don’t fit like they should. We’ll change the way your bras fit and the way you look with a 20-minute bra makeover!
2. A Big Date – You don’t want him to catch you wearing those old granny panties! Feeling sexy and irresistible will bolster your confidence and leave him wanting another date.
3. Wedding – You need the perfect foundation underneath your wedding dress. A beautiful wedding dress requires beautiful lingerie.
4. Honeymoon – A different lingerie set for every day of your honeymoon will surprise and amaze your new husband! The best way to get your honeymoon lingerie collection is to organize a lingerie bridal shower.
5. Wedding Anniversary – Surprise your husband with some cotton, silk or lacy lingerie set on your (2nd Year), Silk (12th Year), or Lace (13th Year) wedding anniversary!
6. Falling in Love – Beautiful lingerie will make your romantic evening with that special someone even more special.
7. Having an Affair – Shhh…. Our lips are sealed. We promise.
8. Newly Single – Your re-entry into the single life will be much easier with new lingerie. Feeling and looking beautiful in new lingerie will lift your look and spirits!
9. Pregnancy – Pregnancy brought HUGE changes and uncertainty in your bra size! Time for a bra fitting and new bras!
10. New Cleavage – Your investment in new cleavage requires a similar investment in new bras. Not only do your old bras not fit, but new beautiful bras will maximize your return on investment.

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Eleanor said...

Is there actually a reason needed to buy lingerie?