Monday, March 30, 2009

Submit your product recommendation and win one free!

We would like to thank Joanne N for recommending a great product: A strapless bra that can hold even in the F or G Cup. Finally a strapless bra that does not let you down!

As a result, she will get one free!

Do you know a great product that you would recommend? Provide a short description, brand, price and why you like it at If we end up carrying it in our store, you will get one free.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cherry Blossom Lingerie?

Cherry-blossom madness is about to hit DC, and everyone—is getting into it.

Our new store window has definitely a cherry blossom vibe...with beautiful pale pink color and green to celebrate the season

While the Cherry Blossoms will only last a few days (This year, Rob DeFeo, chief horticulturist for the National Park Service, estimated the peak bloom period to be April 1 through 4), our Spring collection from Simone Perele and Chantelle will be here until May.

So come check out our cherry-blossom-inspired lingerie...and get in the spirit before it's too late!

Chantelle Spring in Bloom

Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't ruin your bra in conventional bra dryer anymore!

We keep telling customers not to put their bras in the dryer because it totally ruins the elastic and compromise the shape and support of their bra.

Well ...wait till you try the BRA DRYER...and no it's not an early April Fool's joke!

Bra Dryer is a simple device which is based on the presumption that the best way to dry bras without ruining their fabric, wiring and padding is to dry them on a shape which resembles female breasts. That's why Bra Dryer is shaped like a female torso.

A very gentle infrared (IR) heat source helps evaporate moisture from the bra fabric while silent fans inside the appliance help remove this moisture.

In short, Bra Dryer will do this:

  1. Preserve bra shape

  2. Dry bras faster

  3. Free your time

    ... instead of doing this:

  4. Damaging bras (as in conventional dryers)

  5. Taking too long to dry (when you air dry it)

  6. Taking your time (when your dry it with a blow dryer)

So, what do you think?

New Spring Collection from Aubade

We just received the latest Spring Collection from Aubade: The Bahia Collection in Emerald!
It is just stunning with its mischievous signature lacing on the front of the bra and lace up back of the tanga! Beautiful mercerized Swiss cotton with Swiss embroidery.
There's also a matching camisole!
Just in time for St. Patrick Day!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bra Fitting Event-March 5-7th 2009

What: Bra Fitting Event on March 5-7th.

Donate a gently used bra to DC local charity, Bread for the City, and get 10% off your entire purchase.
Coup de Foudre Lingerie in partnership with Chantelle Lingerie will also give new bras in sizes not collected during our bra drive event.

Get ready for the Spring with Must Have Bras that will shape, lift, support or minimize in size 32A to 40G!

Call now (202) 393-0878 to schedule your appointment.

When: Thurs.- Sat. March 5-7th, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.;

Where: 1001 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, b/t 11th & E Sts. (202-393-0878).

For more information about our bra donation program, please visit