Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't ruin your bra in conventional bra dryer anymore!

We keep telling customers not to put their bras in the dryer because it totally ruins the elastic and compromise the shape and support of their bra.

Well ...wait till you try the BRA DRYER...and no it's not an early April Fool's joke!

Bra Dryer is a simple device which is based on the presumption that the best way to dry bras without ruining their fabric, wiring and padding is to dry them on a shape which resembles female breasts. That's why Bra Dryer is shaped like a female torso.

A very gentle infrared (IR) heat source helps evaporate moisture from the bra fabric while silent fans inside the appliance help remove this moisture.

In short, Bra Dryer will do this:

  1. Preserve bra shape

  2. Dry bras faster

  3. Free your time

    ... instead of doing this:

  4. Damaging bras (as in conventional dryers)

  5. Taking too long to dry (when you air dry it)

  6. Taking your time (when your dry it with a blow dryer)

So, what do you think?

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