Thursday, April 3, 2008

French Women & Lingerie

You know how the story goes. French women don't get fat. French women are more sexy......blah blah...

So how do they do it? Keep reading for how French women view lingerie as part of their seduction tool kit.

French Women views on lingerie:

  1. Lacy lingerie is an everyday must, not something saved for a romantic rendezvous

  2. If your pretty bra strap shows and match your outfit "du jour"..."All the power to you!"

  3. If your bra shows a little bit through your blouse...."that might get his attention".

  4. French women buy matching panty with their bra...."Mais bien sur" and also tend to buy two panties per bra..."in case you lose one" or just because "panties wear out much faster than bras".

  5. French women try to match their lingerie to what they wear.

  6. Lingerie enjoys a lofty place in the French woman's wardrobe. So much that Galeries Lafayette, a big Parisian department store has devoted 28,000-square-foot to just lingerie....

So, how about you? What are you thoughts?

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DelanyDecolleur said...

I love these statements by French true to wear beautiful lingerie makes one feel beautiful too. My mother always said "Delany, wear pretty lingerie and you will feel pretty and act pretty" My favorites are satin and lace.