Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Valentine's Day: Top 10 "Lessons of Seduction"

French lingerie brand Aubade has always been well-known for being pioneers in the world of lingerie but even more so in its lingerie advertising campaigns. Their skillful advertising campaign hasn't changed in over a decade and rely on marketing each new lingerie set as a “lesson” in seducing men. Hence the name, "The Lessons of seduction"

This lingerie advertising campaign is one of a kind and clever. But, why is their advertising campaign so unique and unconventional?

    Here's an explanation from BrandChannel:

  • "The photographs are shot in black and white and show a beautifully proportioned woman in Aubade lingerie. The lesson is provocative and slightly tongue in cheek."

  • "The lessons are intended to draw women together by sharing tips on how to charm a man, but are risqué enough to appeal to men."

  • "The campaign never shows the model's face. The strategy is that the woman can better identify with the faceless body, while the ads are still sexy enough for a man to feel he is buying something special. "

  • "It is also an ingenious cost-cutting strategy as the company does not have to pay reproduction rights on the photographs. The classy feel of the black and white pictures help position Aubade as a luxury brand"

  • Aubade relied on famous photographers such as B Matussiere, H Lewis, Michel Perez to capture the essence of the Aubade woman: feminine, classy and elegant but at the same time bold, daring and playful.

Fourteen years and eighty nine lessons have passed.....and we still look forward to discover the next lesson!

So, which of Aubade Top 10 "lessons of seduction" will you apply this Valentine's day?

  1. "Leave him speachless" (Lesson 51)

  2. "Stop Teasing him" (Lesson 37)

  3. "Create a zone of turbulence" (Lesson 27)

  4. "Test his self control" (Lesson 8)

  5. "If he resists, practice hypnosis"(Lesson 6)

  6. "Place a few obstacle in his path" (Lesson 3)

  7. "Play Hide and Seek" (Lesson 25)

  8. "If he faints, call 911" (Lesson 12)

  9. "Pretend that you don't care" (Lesson 5)

  10. "Make him dizzy" (Lesson 89)

Check the latest collection from Aubade, the "Sophia Collection" and apply lesson 89, "Lui donner le vertige" (make him dizzy) this Valentine's Day!

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