Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Aubade Lingerie Calendar 2008

Good news! We just received the Aubade Lingerie 2008 Calendar!

What’s inside is truly magical: Twelve months of absolutely amazing, beautiful and tasteful picture of lingerie with one of the most talented lingerie photographer, Michel Perez.

The calendar or "Calendrier" is all in French. You can always pretend you need one to improve your French and learn the months of the year! ...That won't replace your French Beginner class at the Alliance Francaise though....

You have the option to download it directly from Aubade's Website (8.2 MB) or get your complimentary paper version at our store. Quantities are limited. Very limited. So get here fast.

Warning: Calendar might not be appropriate for the office environment ...unless you work at Dundler Mifflin with Michael Scott (TV Show, the Office).

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