Saturday, December 8, 2007

Top 3 Lingerie Stocking Stuffers

Running of ideas for stocking stuffers this holiday season? Look no more...

For the Traveler: How about a lingerie travel bag? Now there’s a way for your innocent intimates and your naughty little numbers to blissfully coexist: the Lingerie Bag. With "wash me" on one side and "wear me" on the other, the Lingerie Bag lets you button shut the dirties so you’re always reaching for the clean. Protect your panties and don’t be negligent with your negligĂ©e.

For the Hanky Panky aficionado/fan : She is the type of person who only swears by her favorite and most comfortable Hanky Panky low rider thongs. No itching, digging, or shifting....They are peeeeeeeeeerrrfectt....She collect all colors it comes in every seasons...She has at least 15 pairs of those...because she might not have time to do laundry every two days. I bet she does not have yet the limited holiday collection from Hanky Panky..Time to surprise her with new festive colors and fun design for the holiday.

For the black dress enthusiast (minus the deodorant marks):
How many times have you been running late for an appointment, meeting or date trying to find the perfect thing to wear and when you finally do, you notice there are deodorant marks along the side of your outfit? Gal Pal is quick, easy and reusable and the best thing you can remove the deodorant marks in seconds without having to remove your clothes.
We always have one on hand at the store and we can tell you that it really works. So much magic in this garment deodorant remover!

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