Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Aubade Resort Swimwear

Whether you're heading off to the British Virgin Island this holiday season or walking the decks of a cruise ship (lucky you!), the little black swimsuit is a no-fail option. Good timing...we just received the latest resort swimwear collection from Aubade: the Cuba Collection.

Ok...we are not sure why Aubade pick that name, Cuba, especially for the US market. Cross cultural marketing blunders happen all the time and to the best company too. (see our entry blog on how do lingerie/swimwear designer pick their name of collections?) . Hopefully you won't be forbiden, arrested or fined for wearing it.

Bathing suit only available in Black and based on your true bra size (because it is stylish, sliming and flatering....). You are sure to get some compliments.


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