Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lingerie Project Runaway?

We are thinking of introducing a new lingerie designer to the store.

Now, you would think that picking a new lingerie designer might be easy..Think again. Criterias to introduce new lingerie designer/lines include (but not rank in terms of importance) Fit, Brand Recognition, Price range, Appeal to customers, Color, Style, Production (i.e Made in France vs Made in China), Size range available, Quality, Distribution, Delivery, Terms and conditions.

To add on to it, we usually purchase new lingerie collections about six months before it is shown in the store. Therefore, we must be able to anticipate trends in fashion and consumer needs. Crystal ball ....anyone?

Are you up for a fashion challenge a la Project Runaway? (Yes we must admit we love that Bravo TV show..even though we have no design experience) Do you feel like you could help us in our retail buying decision? We will post in February on this blog new pictures of Fall 2008 collections from new lingerie designers and will invite you to vote on your favorite ones. So, you will be the one to decide who is “in” and who is “out.” drama!

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