Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best T Shirt Bras?

What should you look for in a T Shirt Bra? (The French call it an "invisible" bra).

Top 5 Criterias:

  1. Smooth and seamless under fitted clothes

  2. Protect against cold nipple. (especially useful if your AC is blowing mega cold air in your office during the summer)

  3. Give a nice shape and flatters your figure
  4. Comfortable fit
  5. Stylish. Best seen in Chantelle Africa T Shirt Bra, Chantelle Graphie T Shirt Bra & Simone Perele Andora T Shirt Bra.

Something New to look for in T Shirt Bra: SPACER fabric!

Innovative molded foam called Spacer. Best seen in Prima Donna Spacer T Shirt Bra. We think more bra manufacturer will release new T Shirt bras using spacer fabric.

Lightweight and breathable. Perfect for hot and humid weather! (i.e so if you live in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, etc...try it out!)

Allow your skin to breathe.

So, have you discovered your perfect T Shirt Bra?

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