Sunday, November 11, 2007

What to wear underneath a Backless Dress

Our undercover agent is back with a full report on what to wear underneath your cockail dress this holiday season. Today, we are discussing what to wear underneath a backless dress.

Challenge: Backless Dress

A sexy backless dress from Graham & Spencer (Available at Terra) requires to wear the NuBra because even a multi position bra does not come low enough in the back. This is trully a very sexy dress that requires a bra that stays under wraps. You will definitely get noticed in this dress but please don't go braless...that would be a terrible fashion faux pas. Unless you want to be the object of male fascination and fantasy at the next holiday party!

Solution: NuBra Feather Lite from Bragel

We recommend to wear the NuBra Feather Lite from Bragel in black. (Comes in size A to C). The NuBra features bra cups with adhesive inside cups, plus front closure for cleavage and lift. You can create different degrees of cleavage by positioning the bra cups closer or farther away.
The NuBra Feather Lite works because it provide a totally smooth and seamless look. No more re-adjusting or checking in the mirror if your bra band is showing underneath your dress.

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