Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stylish Nursing Bras in Washington, DC

Gone are the days when maternity bras were cumbersome and unflattering. We are so excited to finally introduce a stylish nursing bra that offers support and looks pretty!

This beautiful new line from Marie Jo was designed with busy on-the-go moms that don't want to sacrifice style over comfort and support. It's available in Ivory (as shown) or black.

The Marie Jo Avero Nursing Bra has a fastening on the shoulder strap just above the cup, which can easily be unfastened to allow the cup down. It is also seamless under your clothes.

We recommends purchasing three nursing bras: one to wear, one for the laundry, and one to have clean and ready in your drawer. Remember that you will be producing a lot of milk and will suffer from leaky breasts, so you will need to wash your maternity bras frequently.

You can now breasfeed with style!

P.S: Marie Jo Avero Nursing Bra Size: 34-40B, 32-40CDE, 32-36F, Color: Black, Natural (As Shown)

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