Friday, April 3, 2009

Garter Belt for Dummies: First Edition

Most women don't wear garter belt therefore few know how to put it on. This is one of our number 1 request at the store. How do you put it on?

May be it will take you 15 minutes to put one on the first time but after a few trial and error it will be easy..

Here's our "Garter Belt for Dummies", First Edition

Put the garter belt on, closing it so it rests on your hip bones. It should fit snuglly enough to stay in place when it is tugged at from the bottom.

Slide stockings on carefully. Once your stockings are properly positioned, grab the top of the stocking in front and hook it onto the clip that hangs straight down from the body of the garter belt

Then do the same to the top of the stocking at the back of your leg. This might require a bit of twisting.

Stand straight and adjust the strap length of each garter as needed.

Now put on your thong over your garter belt. This would allow you to take a quick bathroom break and would not require to take it all off. I bet you did not think about that one!

What to look for in a garter belt:

  • Take the same size as your panty

  • Make sure you can adjust the strap length of each garter.The straps should also be adjustable like bra straps allowing for height adjustments and be relatively easy to use only after a few tries.
  • Stick with garter belts that have metal hardware, they will hold your hosiery up more securely and the metal hardware will not deteriorate as the plastic will. The clasps are normally the first thing to break on poorly made belts.

  • Have a least one black garter in your lingerie drawer.

  • Wear it with a skirt (obviously) but not a mini skirt!

Why wear it?

1) Because you are tired of blowing off your money on pantyhose that keep running. At least with a garter you can change the deficient stocking.

2) Because HE LOVES IT! (All men love garter belts ... I don't know one that does not!)

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