Monday, July 14, 2008

How Many Bras do you own?

Thanks to everyone for voting in our last poll.

We asked our reader community “How many Bras do you own?” and here are the results from the 100 votes cast:
  • 1-5 Bras - 23% of vote

Pros: The good thing is that you don't have to hunt for them in your underwear drawer!

Cons: If you don't rotate your bras, they will wear out faster. (Check our Bra life Expectancy blog entry)
Tip: If you can only invest in a few bras, try to find one that can be worn multiple ways: i.e Marie Jo Avero Strapless bra .
  • 6-10 Bras- 28% of vote

  • 11-15 Bras-18% of vote

  • 16-20-Bras- 27% of vote

Pros: You are ready for any circumstances: Basic for the office, Sexy to impress your date, Smooth, Push Up, Convertible, Low Cut, Plunge, name it....You can choose among bras that match your outfit (i.e you get the "accessorizing " medal!), others which are pure works of art, or bras that comfortable and practical. That's good!

Cons: When was the last time you went through your underwear drawer? College? Yes, there might be a few bras that you don't wear anymore...because they are torn, or you lost the bra strap, or you can find the matching panty to go with it.... Go through your underwear/bra drawer at least every 2 years to make rooms for your new ones....

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