Friday, May 16, 2008

New bra statistics from Consumer Reports!

A poll conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center found that 37 percent of women don’t bother to try bras on before making a purchase to make sure they fit. Wow....

Yet, 75 percent of women reported that they faced a specific challenge related to fit, and 53 percent of women have never been professionally fitted for a bra. When shopping for a new bra, 63 percent of women reported that comfort was the most important feature they looked for, followed by support (21 percent).

Bra Poll:

Bra Ownership-- Women own an average of 9 bras, but only wear 6 on a regular basis; the average woman purchased 4 bras in the past year.

Decent Exposure-- 80% of women say they would never go out in public without a bra.-- Over one-third (34%) of women take action to enhance their bra size, withthe most common methods being padded (23%) and push-up (22%) bras.

A Perfect Match-- Matching bra and panties is not a priority for most women. 58% of women say they never or rarely match bras and panties.-- Over one-quarter of women (27%) have decided against purchasing a clothing item because they did not have an appropriate bra to wear.

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Elisabeth Squires said...

Very interesting statistics. I'm the author of bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls, an informative and uplifting look at women's breasts. Would you mine sharing the link to the original CR research? I can't seem to find any reference on-line. Thank you!

Elisabeth (