Monday, March 10, 2008

Lingerie Report Fall 2008

Top 5 Lingerie Color trends for Autumn Winter 2008/2009:

Here's a sneak preview at the top 5 lingerie color trends for Fall:

Fall is usually associated with subdued and quiet colors, but this season we are seeing a shift toward color with bright, vibrant and exciting undertone.

  1. BLACKOUT -Black texture on texture, matte against shiny, against dull, against shimmering. It's very chic and sophisticated. Example: Simone Perele Stiletto, Barbara Caravanserail, Huit De Ci De La, Simone Perele Dress Code collections. For a very "Couture" and timeless feel, we love the combination of the black & beige.

  2. PURPLE/LAVENDER: We saw different shades of purple, from lighter (lavender) to eletric darker purple . It's rare to see this color in lingerie so it will be your chance to splurge if it is your favorite color. Example: Aubade Comedie , Huit Jeanne, Huit Destin Collections.

  3. METALLIC (SILVER): Example: Chantelle Africa Wild Silver, Barbara Caravanserail Smokey grey collections.

  4. JOLTS OF RED-BERRY/DEEP RED/PLUM: Very rich and warm reds for this Fall. Example: Chantelle Africa Wild in Ruby or Chantelle Caprice in Mixed berries & Simone Perele Paradis Plum Collections.

  5. DEEP FOREST : From Chocolate brown to dark green. Example: Simone Perele Paradis (Khaki), Chantelle Caprice Moka Rose Collections.

More pictures to illustrate our color trend report will be posted as it becomes available. But here's a sneak preview....

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