Monday, September 14, 2009

Bra books? Plenty to choose from....

If you want to get educated on the topic of lingerie or bra fitting, there is plenty to choose from this Fall thanks to talented authors.

  • Books on boobs: "A Guide to your girls". Baffled by your bosom? Elisabeth Squires (a/k/a The Boob Lady) answers everything you need to know: from sprouting to sexy but the ups and downs of bra wear and care, breastfeeding, topless sunbathing, cosmetic surgery, breast physiology, and all the breast.

  • The Bra Book - "Your complete guide to the bra" by Jené Luciani—a fashion expert and a go-to guide for beauty advice—once and for all arms women with the knowledge they need to find the right fashion support. From the best bra to wear under every outfit to important information about bras and breast health from puberty to retirement, from the physics behind bra design to how you can best ensure a proper fit, The Bra Book is the source for women everywhere.

  • Underneath It All- A Girl's Guide to Buying, Wearing, and Loving Lingerie(Harlequin, October 2009). Authors: Kathy Schultz & Jennifer Manuel Carroll This tell-all guide about what lies beneath includes tips and tricks on finding the best lingerie to flatter your figure, establishing your lingerie style, building the perfect wardrobe of underthings, ensuring fabulous fit, and more.

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